The Dance Bank Tap Class Perth Theatre Cinders 2009
The dance Bank Tap Class Perth Theatre Peter Pan 2011
Dunfermline Theatre Ballet class  Cinders 2009
The dance Bank Jazz Class Perth Theatre  Peter Pan 2011

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Mary Poppins

Alice 2019

Sleeping Beauty 2017

Carnegie Hall Sleeping Beauty 2017
Perth 2022 DSC_4932_
North Inch Sleeping Beauty 2017

Wizard Of Oz 2015

Pied Piper 2013

Peter Pan 2011

Perth Concert Hall Wizard of Oz 2015
Carnegie Hall Dunfermline Dress Rehersal 2015

Cinders 2009

Perth Theatre Dress Rehearsal
Dunfermline Dress Rehearsal

Snow White 2007

Perth Peter pan 2011
Dunfermline Peter Pan 2011
Carnegie Hall Cinders 2009
Snow White Perth 2007

01 May 2023

Cinder's 2009 Perth Theatre
Snow White 2007 Dunfermline
Ballet Russe  Perth Theatre May 2005
Summer Schools 2010
Those Were The Days 2003 Perth Theatre
Choreography Competition Perth 2008
Dance Theatre Class Perth Jun 2007
30th Anniversary 2004
Grade 5+ Dunfermline Jun 2008