The Dance Bank Tap Class Perth Theatre Cinders 2009
The dance Bank Tap Class Perth Theatre Peter Pan 2011
Dunfermline Theatre Ballet class  Cinders 2009
The dance Bank Jazz Class Perth Theatre  Peter Pan 2011

You do not have to book, just come along and join in!

When attending a class for the first time, we suggest that unless you already have shoes or dance wear, simply ‘make do’ until you have tried out the lesson. There is no point in outlaying for equipment unless you know that the dance class is going to be right for you! Once settled, we can supply regulation RAD dance wear at lower cost than local dance shops. This is required for all RAD exams. Follow our links to find out more about our dance wear and gifts.

To start with Tiny Tots and most other children wear tee shirt and shorts to begin classes. They do not have to be potty trained, just come along in a nappy and have fun. Bare feet, slipper socks or thin slippers with a little grip is ideal for ballet and outdoor shoes for tap. Hard plastic hair bands should not be worn. Once established then the regulation RAD uniform should be worn, available through your Teacher at The Dance Bank.

When bringing small children we would ask for the first few lessons that you stay in the building in case your child is unsettled.  If this is the case you will be invited into the class to dance with your child until they settle. We have found that by participating in the class most children settle quite quickly. We do not allow people into the class on a routine basis as it unsettles the rest of the class. There are changing rooms or waiting areas in all branches and tea and coffee facilities are available in Perth and Dunfermline. Please ensure that your child has been to the toilet before the class starts.

Adults and teenagers can start wearing loose, cool clothing such as leggings/jogging bottoms and a tee shirt. Bare feet for Ballet and Jazz and a pair of light outdoor shoes suffice for Tap.

Although we work in nine week lesson blocks for fees, new pupils trying out classes  are asked to pay only a small cash deposit (see Charges Page) at the first lesson. From the second class you then receive an account for the remainder of the term, less your initial deposit. By using this system it allows for a trial lesson to be taken before committing to a full terms fees. If you enrol during a term you will be charged for the number of weeks remaining. Please download an enrolment form from our web site.

If a pupil cannot attend any of the lessons for any reason then a different class may be attended to make up the lost lesson within that academic year. Please be aware no refunds can be given for classes not attended and that all fees are payable in advance at the beginning of the term.

Our ten week terms and holidays are displayed on notice boards at our classes and are available to view online. Please note that there are slight variations in holidays between our classes in Tayside and Fife.

Whilst examinations from RAD, ISTD and Tayside Ballet Circle can be taken, they are not compulsory, our first priority is enjoyment! Progression through the class levels is not dependent upon taking exams!